How to Publish a Kindle Ebook on Amazon

This blog post is part 2 of my Ebook series here at It details how a writer with a current manuscript saved in Microsoft Word, and an Image file (jpg, ping, ect…) can use Amazon’s Kindle Upload interface to upload a manuscript for purchase in less than an hour.

1) A full length manuscript saved in Microsoft Word
2) An image file to use as a cover.


1) Open your manuscript in Microsoft Word. You may have to clear out any “special” characters from your document, because you will be saving the file as filtered HTML which doesn’t always play nicely with special characters.

2) Save the manuscript as Filtered HTML

3) Once you’ve saved your file, open a browser and go to


4) Click on the Sign In button (Or Sign Up, if you’re not already signed into your Amazon account), to create or access your Amazon account. If you need to Sign Up, follow the directions and plug in all necessary info to create your Amazon account.

5) You are now at the Amazon Kindle Author Bookshelf. If this is your first time uploading a book for Kindle, you won’t see any books in the list like in my example. So your next step is to click on the Add a new title button.

6) You will be taken to a new page where you will need to fill in information about your book. Start by entering the title. If your book is part of a series, enter the appropriate series information. Lastly, add a edition number and description. The edition number can be ignored (or set to 1) if this is the first upload of your book. If you were to enter a “revised” or “new edition” of your book sometime in the future, you’d use a new edition number for that book. The description is very important, because it is the blurb potential readers will see when viewing your book on Amazon.

7) Use the Add Contributers button to add yourself as the author, as well as any other pertinant contributers, such as illustrators and editors. Near the contributer button, you’ll see a place to add Language (likely English), Publication date (the day you upload the book), Publisher, and ISBN. If you don’t have an ISBN for your book, don’t worry, this item is optional.

8 ) Next, verify your publishing rights. More than likely,  you will be entering original work and want to select the second option, “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights”. You may have already obtained a copyright for your book, but if not, that’s OK. You still “inherently” own the rights as the author. A copyright would just be helpful if you were to ever have to come against someone trying to steal your work, but as long as you have proof of the date you wrote your material, you should be fine.

9) Now, add Categories, such as Romance or Adventure, and Keywords, such as Christian Fantasy, Western Romance, or Pirate Adventure.

10) Upload your cover. Simply click the Browse for Image button, and go to wherever you’ve stored the image file on your computer. Click upload. I’d definitely recommend uploading an original cover, otherwise Amazon will put in a placeholder cover, which is very unattractive. If your cover is too large, try saving it as a jpg, which is smaller than some other image types. Just open the image in Paint, and click Save As, with JPEG selected as the file type.

11) Select Enable Digital Rights Management (unless you don’t care about the rights to your book), and then click the Browse for Book button. Go to the Filtered HTML version of your manuscript you saved earlier, and select the file. Lastly, click Upload Book.

12) Click Save and Continue, or Save as Draft if you’d like to come back later before completing the next few steps to complete the Kindle upload.

13) The next steps handle your royalties. First off, select World Wide Rights, unless there is some special circumstance, such as, you are a British Ebook publisher and only have rights to a particular manuscript in England. This is unlikely you if you are reading this post :)

14) Now you can select your royalty options. I’d recommend the %70 royalty, because it gives you the most bang for your buck. But if you want to experiment with different royalty selections, simply select either %70 or %35 and fill in different monetary values in the List Price textbox to see how much you will earn per option.

15) You can use the Kindle Book Lending checkbox to determine whether Kindle users can share your Ebook with other Kindle users. Word-of-mouth is important for first time authors, so if you’re not well-established, I’d encourage you to allow book lending so more people will potentially read your book.

16) Check the Save and Publish checkbox. It tells Amazon you understand the terms of agreement for uploading your book for Kindle. There’s a Terms and Conditions link near the checkbox to view those terms if you wish.

17) You’re almost finished! Click the Save and Publish button to complete the upload and allow Amazon to start processing your submission, or Save for Later.

18) Your book is now in the Amazon Kindle Author Bookshelf! Here you can edit your book, delete it, or un-publish it. But right now, you probably just want to let Amazon do it’s work, confirm your submission, and get your masterpiece out into their Kindle store for the readers. For me, it took less than 24 hours for my book to be available on the Kindle store.

19) Once your book is available on Amazon, start promoting and establishing your reader base.

Hope you’ve found this article helpful if you’re considering E-publishing. Amazon has made it extremely easy for us authors to get electronic versions of our books into the market, so feel free to take advantage of their tools! One side note, once on Amazon, your book is also downloadable on smartphones through the Kindle app, which is very cool ;-)

Happy writing, and uploading!


13 Responses to “How to Publish a Kindle Ebook on Amazon”

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  2. Peter — thank you for sharing this with the world. Much appreciated!

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  4. Ron Baehr says:

    Hi, I was really bummed about geting a book published and marketed on Amazon Kindle.
    You got me out the woods and Im not afraid to do it.
    We have softcovered book that’s been printed for some tim and need to be converted to e-book format.
    My printer quoted $176 to conver to ePUB, MOBI(.prc) option ( includes Amazon- Optimimized .prc) for kinkidle,,,should I do it or do it As you suggested. How would I upload these convert files if you say I could.
    Blessings, Ron

  5. Jennifer Chambers says:

    Really found this info helpful…I think I can do it for my books…Question is the process the same on an iMac?
    Peter, can you send a response to my email please

  6. Brilliant.
    Have completed the process, waiting for results.
    Thanks for posting these details.
    “Ancient Knowledge” will soon make me a millionaire LOL


  7. Julie S. says:

    Hey, I found your article after a lot of searching. I was wanting to know the answer to the same question as Jennifer. Does this process work the same on a Mac? Feel free to e-mail or respond on this page as others may come along and ask the same question. Thanks. :)

  8. dudekpj says:

    Hello Jennifer and Julie. Unfortunately, I do not own a Mac, but if you have Microsoft office installed, I imagine you could follow the same steps I have above. The only parts I’m not sure would work are those involving Microsoft Word. But the online Amazon interface is the same regardless of the platform (PC or Mac). Feel free to comment and let me know your experiences so I can add “Mac” instruction notes to the step-by-step directions.

  9. Julie S. says:

    I still have to write my book, and I am still gathering information at the moment. Mostly all the legal stuff. As soon as I get one done I’ll let you know how it goes and the steps to take. Thanks for responding. :)

  10. Angela says:

    Excellent resource!! Your link gave me easy to follow steps to become a published author on Kindle EReader with Amazon. I am excited about having the confidence to take the next steps!! Thank you!!

  11. Carol says:

    Any help for converting a cookbook?
    I have step by step instructions (numbered) and I can’t get it to line up?
    Thanks Carol

  12. dudekpj says:

    Hi Carol, it’s hard to tell without seeing the file, but did you already try saving the file as formatted html in Word? Is that when the numbering get’s messed up?

  13. Carol says:

    I worked it out! :) I had used the numbering format when typing the document, which seemed to look ok in word and html, but when made into the prc format and you upload it on Amazon and view it, it was out of alignment.
    I had to go back to the word document and take the numbering format off and retype 1. with spacing to the beginning of the sentence. Long process, looks ok now on the kindle viewer, hope it is telling the truth!

  14. Carol says:

    Hi Peter,
    Just wanted to thank you for posting this information. I am not that computer savoy, but your article help me to get going! Following your easy steps, I now know how to convert a word doc into html, I downloaded the Mobipocket Creator, converted the html into a prc (ebook) and uploaded it to Amazon Kindle. I also now know how to create a Table of Contents! My cookbook went live today on Amazon!
    So…You Are Leaving Home…..check it out, I did it all myself….thank-you, Carol

  15. dudekpj says:

    Congratulations, Carol! Hope your Ebook meets with lots of success on Amazon :)

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